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The quality of your reception from this transmitter is affected by obstacles including the terrain between your location and the transmitter.

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Terrain between you and your satellite signal

The quality of your reception of VAST via satellite is affected by obstacles including the terrain between your location and the transmitter.

Unfortunately, we have been unable to retrieve elevation data for your location.

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Elevation along satellite signal

The following information is provided as a general guide in order to assist you to correctly position and setup your satellite television reception equipment, including the recommended dish size for your location. It is not intended to replace advice from an endorsed antenna installer. The Digital Switchover Taskforce recommends you consult an endorsed antenna installer for more detailed advice on your particular reception needs.

Satellite dish setup for your location:

Endorsed antenna installers

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Endorsement under the scheme and use of the logo does not indicate that the Commonwealth Government guarantees the quality of an installer's services, only that the installer has been assessed under our criteria as appropriate for endorsement, see Disclaimer.

Antenna setup guide

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Please note that this is not intended to serve as a thorough technical assessment of your individual antenna requirements and for detailed advice and installation assistance it is recommended that you engage an antenna installer. Reception of television signals can be affected by a number of factors outside of using an appropriate antenna these include damaged equipment or wiring, physical obstructions, strength of the signal and local sources of signal interference.

The information below can be used to assess the suitability of your antenna for the current range of digital services available from your selected transmitter. The recommendation, below, takes into account the planned broadcasting frequencies of the current digital services and the predicted level of coverage at you location in order to determine the combination of antenna type, potential need for “boosting” and general installation height in order to maximise your chances of achieving adequate reception of the available digital signal.

Please Note: A generic image of an antenna is used below to illustrate what a typical antenna, of the type recommended, will look like. It is acknowledged that antenna come in a wide variety of styles and your antenna may differ slightly or radically from that which is shown below but may be perfectly acceptable for the digital channels in your area.

Satellite eligibility (VAST)


Satellite Subsidy Scheme


Household Assistance Scheme

How to apply?

The Department of Human Services will send letters to potentially eligible individuals inviting them to participate in the Household Assistance Scheme. The brochure accompanying the letter provides additional information about the scheme, including details of who is eligible and how to apply. For further details please click here


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The coverage summary provides advice about the predicted digital television coverage for the location and important information regarding current known issues at the selected site. More detailed information about the current issues at the site can be found on mySwitch.

Available transmitters displays the direction of any digital television transmitters that are predicted to provide services at the location, and the predicted digital television coverage expected from each transmitter.

This section provides the key pieces of information needed to help set up a satellite dish at a chosen location. This information includes the direction the dish needs to be pointed as well as the angle the dish needs to be tilted at for best reception.

This section provides key pieces of information needed to help choose the best antenna for their location as well as the correct direction and orientation of the antenna for best reception. This information includes direction the antenna needs to be pointed, whether it should be mounted horizontally or vertically, and the radio frequencies each of the digital services are broadcast on.

A display of all channels available in your location from both the transmitter you selected in the Coverage Summary page in mySwitch. and all of the channels available via the VAST satellite service.

This section contains information about terrestrial channels which are Retuning. Includes pre and post Retune channel and frequencies, and dates of service outages and other important information.

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